DR. GOH PING PING Consultant Cardiologist and Echocardiologist

  • MBBS (Singapore)
  • MRCP (UK)
  • FRCP (Edinburgh)
  • FAMS (Cardiology)
  • Diplomate, National Board of Echocariodography (USA)
  • Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Fellow, ASEAN College of Cardiology
  • Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, Changi General Hospital
  • Visiting Consultant, National Heart Centre, Singapore
  • Visiting Consultant, Alexandra Hospital
Cardiac Specialist Centre
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International Meeting Our Specialist - Dr. Goh Ping Ping

Participation in International/Regional Conferences and Presentations:

1. 18-21 April 2013. Asia Pacific Heart Association (APHA) Annual Scientific Meeting

Invited Faculty and Speaker Given lecture on “Role of Echocardiography in Assessment of Severity and Prognosis of Heart Failure”

2. 13-15 July 2012. 19th ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress (AFCC 2012)

Invited Faculty and Convenor for 2 symposia “Women and Heart Health: Managing Heart Disease in Women. Are We Doing Enough?”
“ASEAN Women’s Alliance Towards Cardiovascular Health (A WATCH): Sharing of Experiences from the ASEAN Countries”

Know Your Cardiologists

I feel breathless when walking.

I feel a tightness over my chest.

Do I need to take my medicine for my blood pressure?

Do I need to take my medicine for my cholesterol?

Do I really need stents for my artery?

Do I really need to have a bypass operation?

When should I go for health screening?

I have heart problem, can I take Viagra?

I have heart problem, should I exercise?

Heart Disease
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You may need an ultra sound scan of your heart to assess its function.

You may need a treadmill stress test.

You may need closer monitoring.

You may need a more thorough risk assessment and life style change.

You may only need to take your medicine.

You may get away with just stenting.

This generally should start at 40 years old.

Yes, but there are certain strict conditions to fulfill.

Yes, but you will need to find out the appropriate intensity.